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BMS RSDCC Маслоуловитель для BMW 335i


  • BMW 3er E9x 2005-2012
500 $
RSD Oil Catch Can for BMW 335
Exclusively for the 2006-2010 BMW 335 335xi
Keep oil out of your BMW 335 air intake system
Within the BMW twin turbo N54 engine, crankcase pressure and inefficient combustion causes an accumulation of and oil sludge mixture that forms inside the intake tract, intercooler and boost tubes. Oil vapor is forced out of the cylinder head and is redirected through vacuum hoses into the intake channel. While this is normal operation procedure, it hinders the ability to make higher horsepower and increase engine longevity. The oil vapor then condenses onto the inside surfaces of the air intake system and is especially prevalent in the intercooler core lowering the efficiency of creating a cool intake air charge. 
The RSD BMW 335 oil catch can will hold and trap oil byproduct while removing it from the intake air channel. The RSD unit will limit the ability of the oil byproduct to affect valves, forced induction and other crucial parts and sensors. By eliminating the engines ability to burn this relatively noncombustible oil, the RSD BMW oil catch can increase the overall horsepower and torque gains and prolongs engine life.
Oil Catch Can Features :
  • Increases Air Intake Efficiency 
  • Promotes Engine Longevity 
  • Oversized Fluid Capacity 
  • Tig-Welded Lightweight Aluminum
  • Hi-Temp Powder Coated Finish
  • Free Flow Design
  • Air Separation Baffle
  • 2006+ E90 Sedan 335i / 335xi
  • 2006+ E91 Touring 335i / 335xi 
  • 2006+ E92 Coupe 335i / 335xi
  • 2007+ E93 Convertible 335i / 335xi

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